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Hello everyone! I’m Nikki :) You’ve somehow wandered onto my blog, so welcome! 

I have always loved to read starting with my childhood favorites (A to Z Mysteries, Horrible Harry, Magic Tree House, and the Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley) eventually I was introduced to Harry Potter and that sparked my love for YA. Although I no longer read elementary school books, my love for YA has never wavered- it's my oldest passion!
Reading/Blogging is what I do instead of having a social life, however; I still have a school life that does come first so if I disappear, that’s why.

I am a twenty-one year-old YA lover currently earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s in English, with minors in East Asian Studies and International Film and Culture. I’m also a moderator over at Addicted to YA on Goodreads, lots of fun stuff over there.

Some fun facts about myself are that I love scifi and fantasy books the most, I adore bookish themed candles, and I spend way too much time watching and reviewing movies on Letterboxd (don't worry I spend more time on here haha). I'm always down to receive music recs and book recs, especially LGBT+ book recs!

Interested in guest blogging?
Need guest bloggers yourself?
Would you like me to review your book?
Just shoot me an email at: nikkiking518@gmail.com

If interested in exchanging a book for an honest review, please view my Review Policy before requesting. 

Have a nice day!

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