Review Policy

If you’re an author and want to promote your book here on my blog or for me to review it, I would be glad to help. If you are interested you can contact me here:

I will accept books (not a collection of short stories/novellas but actual books) for review (Young/New Adult) from publishers or authors. I do honest reviews so obviously I can’t promise great ratings for every book I read; however I do not bash the author. I try my best to give pointers and specifics that bugged me so that my critiques are always constructive. I use a 5 star system, though sometimes books fall between stars, which will be explained in my review. With how hectic life is at the moment, I can NOT guarantee an exact time that my review will be posted. I will read and review all accepted requests, but it will take time.

I will consider all requests, but keep in mind that my preferred genres are:
-Historical Fiction
-Contemporary (limited)

Genres I will not accept:
-Middle Grade
-Children's Books

I prefer it if you could give me a hard copy when asking for a review but if that's not available a kindle-friendly copy (MOBI) would do just fine. However, if I receive a print copy after a different ebook I will switch to the print. Printed copies will take priority over ebook requests.

In the book request I would like to see the following:
-Book Cover & Synopsis
-Goodreads link or any other link
-Deadline, if you have one (I will mark it as read ASAP), if not then it will get put on my list to get to in the order I have received requests

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