Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Seven Characters I'd Like To Check In With

1.   Harry Potter

I know we got the little epilogue but I would just love to check in and have a story about his life, working his cool job, parenting his kids, social gatherings with the family, getting letters home from Hogwarts, maybe a class Reunion?

2.  Percabeth

I would love, Love, LOVE to read more about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. When do they stop questing? I doubt there’s any more “save the world” types of quests but just going out and saving some mortals from monsters? What about college and settling down, does New Rome work out for them? How often do they visit Grover and Camp Half-Blood? How do they help out the Kane’s in the couple of mashups if they’re across the country? Do they have kids in the future? They are my OTP of OTP’s. I grew up with them and I could read about their lives forever.

3.   Eragon

I finished The Inheritance Cycle about four years ago, right when the final book was released and let me tell you, it has been disappointing not to hear a peep from Christopher Paolini since. He actually said that he will return to Eragon’s world at some point and I would really appreciate that being soon. Angela and the werecat were awesome and I would adore a back story. Plus Eragon just went off into the dessert to train dragons and riders, how’s that working out for him? His relationship with Arya? It really pisses me off that they both admitted they loved each other as Eragon left Alagaësia to never return. I just really need a check up on Eragon and Arya, alright?

4.   June Iparis

Champion by Marie Lu was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Very rarely to books make me cry but that one had me bawling. When Day looses his memory and she took that as a sign to let him go, to not see the pain of the loss of his mother and brother every time he looks at her- that practically killed me inside. I thought that would be the end of the book but thank god for epilogues. They got a cutsie ‘strangers meeting on the street’ moment and got together anyways. So since they do in fact become a thing, I want to know what’s going on in their love lives. Plus I’m curious as to whether America becomes a first world country again.

5.  Bartimaeus

I am currently reading The Ring of Solomon (0.5) by Jonathan Stroud, but it’s a prequel (and not even the story I was most looking forward to). What I really need is a check up with Bart to see how he’s doing after Nathan. Does he get to live in peace for a while? Does another magician summon him? I just really need another dose of his sass, pronto.

6.  The Gaang

Avatar: The Last Airbender was my childhood (the cartoon and the graphic novel) and while they are currently releasing new graphic novels they just can’t come out quick enough. We’ve seen the Gaang as teens and we’ve seen them elderly/old in Legend of Korra, but I just really need a late 20’s check in and a reasing the family check in. Especially with Zuko. I’m assuming her marries Mai? But I would like canon confirmation.

7.  Hana Silna

Hana is from a lesser known series, The Riddle of Prague by debut author Laura DeBruce. Yes, I would like to know what happened after book one, but now I’m just starting to be generally concerned for the series. Book 2, The Temple of Paris, was scheduled for release the summer of 2014, with it’s cover released and everything. Then it was pushed back to the fall of 2014. However, it’s April 2015 and the book is still not out?? I would sincerely like a check in with not only Hana, but with the series and the author.

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