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The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu

The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2)
by Marie Lu
Publication Date: October 13th 2015
Publisher: G.P Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
Source: Bought
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Rating: 4/5

So I’ve never official reviewed a book by Marie Lu before, but I absolutely adore her. I purchased Legend, Prodigy, Champion, and The Young Elites all when they came out (I especially loved the legend trilogy because the book’s fonts were printed in color! That’s just so aesthetically pleasing for me).

***Spoilers of Book One***

So the main twist in The Young Elites is that the protagonist, Adelina Amouteru, is actually the villain of the series, not the hero! The world building is just so great in this series, all of the countries, culture, and politics are there in the background for you to soak up and The Rose Society doesn’t fail in my expectations of the sequel!

So The Rose Society takes place after Adelina reunites with her sister and gets kicked out of an elite secret group called The Daggers. The love of her life is dead and she decides to take revenge by leaving the country and rounding up her own elite squad to rival The Daggers. Boy does she get the rivalry she craves. Her new groupies, which she dubs ‘The Rose Society’ is made up of Herself, her sister Violetta, Magiano, and Sergio. Sergio is mentioned in book one as the boy who couldn’t control hos storm powers. Well, he’s back and in control now! My favorite member, Magiano has the special ability to imitate other Elite’s abilities which sucks if you’re not around elites to steal powers from, but is totally AWESOME for the inevitable Dagger/Rose showdown.
In the meantime, the Daggers also leave Kenettra and go across the sea to meet with a foreign queen. Turns out malfettos are treated pretty nicely over there and even their queen is an elite. Spoiler stuff happens regarding the beloved Prince Enzo’s death and the brand new queen (Enzo’s sister) leaving us with the foreign queen deciding that now is the perfect time to conquer the country of Kenettra.
The reader is now faced with a power struggle between the current Kenettran queen, the foreign queen supported by the daggers, and Adelina and her Rose Society who also want the crown. This creates the perfect environment for tensions between Adelina and her old friends, as well as more experimentation with Adelina’s powers, dark side, and character development.

Once I actually started this book I found it hard to put down and I’m super intrigued by the concept of the main character being the series’ villain. I’ve never seen that down before. While I’m reading it I’m also low-key thinking about how this might be told differently if told by the traditional hero perspective. My only qualm with this book (that took away one star) is that Adelina’s relationship with Enzo is brought up a lot and while I’ll admit that they had a spark in book one, you know before he DIED, their relationship was never really strong. While I understand that it was over exaggerated in Adelina’s POV I still thought it was too overdone in The Rose Society.

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