Sunday, August 6, 2017

BroodyBFF Challenge #7- YA Friendships Discussion

Today’s blog post is going to be a discussion. The topic is thanks to the #BroodyBFF’s Challenge #7- Friendships!

A big problem for me in YA is that girls can’t be close with other girls with out being the blonde evil villain! The main characters always have guy friends, hate typically feminine things, and the best guy friends fights with new brooding love interest over main character for the majority of the book. I need wholesome friendships without guys competing with other guys and girls putting down other girls! PLEASE SEND RECS.

My favorite friendships avoid the subjects listed above. My love for this upcoming series started with the OG friendship: Percy Jackson and Grover Underwood. Their tag-team pan-pipes and magical pen got them safely out of more situations than I ever thought possible, and they have been there for each other through so much. Their inside jokes are the best and their friendship made Percy Jackson and the Olympians amazing for me.

Once Grover parts ways with Percy to save The Wild, Uncle Rick formed one of my favorite squads of all time. The Prophecy Seven from Heroes of Olympus. They are squad goals. All of them have tragic backstories as demigods, but that effects them all in different ways and they love and support each other without any typical gender-hating i.e. women bringing down other women and men fighting over said women. None of that here! They have friendly competition and complement each other’s strengths and their friendship is just so good and pure! They’re a big family, and they have their disagreements, but they are always there for each other. Just like real friendships. They felt so real and were so satisfying to read, that was part of why I loved these books so much! I hope we get a short story in the future where Percy introduces them to Grover. Grover kind of dropped off the face of the earth after The Last Olympian and I seriously need a reunion <3

What are your Favorite YA Friendships?

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