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Down the TBR Hole #2

Created by Lia @Lost in a Story

It works like this:
Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5 (or 10 (or even more!) if youre feeling adventurous) books.
Read the synopses
 of the books
Decide: keep it or should it go?
My Goodreads TBR currently has 854 books on it, and this post is all books I added in 2012, so I'm really looking forward to cleansing my list!

Moon Demon (Daughters of the Moon #7)

I remember my sister and I loving this series back in the day. We read all of the books my library had at the time, and I guess I just never noticed when new books came out (There's 13 apparently). I now don't remember anything about this series except that a group of girls become friend over their shared moon powers (sorta like H20: Just Add Water!).

Decision: Go

Princess Ben

This appears to be a stand-alone fantasy novel, about  Princess Ben(evolence) discovering magic and being under the control of an evil queen. The synopsis itself seems cool, but the writing preview is cringeworthy. She describes herself as not pretty because  she doesn't have big boobs and because no man could "fit his hands round [her] waist".  10 she's super skinny on the cover, and 2) so much for body diversity going hand in hand with body positivity. Ugh pass.

Decision: Go

Shatter Me

This isn't even the cover of the book anymore, that's how long it's been on my TBR. A girl who's touch is fatal, being weaponized by a government that previously imprisoned her for her ability. This series isn't finished yet, but have consistently had good ratings, and the cover with the eyes are gorgeous watercolors.

Decision: Keep 

The Lovely Bones

The story of a family devastated by the gruesome murder of a teenager, told by the teenager. This seems like a compelling read. I know I have this book somewhere on my bookshelves already, and that most of my family has already read it.  I'm not sure why I haven't gotten to it yet, but this has me itching to go pick it up!

Decision: Keep

The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials #2)

I honestly don't remember anything about The Golden Compass, and I know I've read the book and seen the movie. This book is as old as I am, so if the first book didn't immediately compile me to read the next one, I don't think anyone will unless a friend really hypes this book up for me.

Decision: Go

Fire (Graceling Realm #2)

Set in the same world, but essentially a standalone from Graceling,  I'm not sure why I haven't read this already. I own and have read both Graceling (#1) and Bitterblue (#2). A fantasy story with a medieval  setting, as well as special powers AND a badass female, this book seems to have everything I'm looking for in a book.

Decision: Keep

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1)

My good friend Erika has been hyping these books since the day I met her all those years ago, and I even own a copy of this book. Shadowhunters in Victorian London?Why have I not read this book that I shelved as Want To Read in 2012? I will right after I finish Cassi Clare's The Mortal Instruments!

Decision: Keep (or Erika might kill me)

Tithe (Modern Faerie Tales #1)

I loved Holly Black's Curse Worker's series, and must have put this on the TBR as it was her only other solo work at the time. One of my friend's review says it's not a book for young reader's which makes me feel a bit better about the time I might take to read this book. While I love YA, I've definitely grown out of Middle Grade books like her Spiderwick Chronicles.

Decision: Keep


I don't remember putting this book on my TBR list, but it's written by Neil Gaiman so it's not going anywhere. I love his writing so much, he's never let me down even with his short stories and I'm so excited for this stand-alone book about a boy retrieving a fallen star for the love of his life. Now that I'm reading the synopsis, a vaguely remember watching a film based off of this book!

Decision: Keep

Thirteen Reasons Why

I'm not sure why I ever added this book to my TBR. Maybe I never read reviews about how crappy the message is? I'm not going to read a book that basically says you can blame all of your problems on other people. I refuse to support a boring main character such as Clay, and Hannah convincing all of these people that it's their fault she committed suicide.

Decision: Definitely Go

Did I make the right decisions?? Let me know in the comments!

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