Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #1

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Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

  1. Eragon Shadeslayer from The Inheritance Cycle: I love how he goes from Farmer Boy to Hero. Yeah, he’s a dragon rider, but he’s also keeping it real and knows what his duties are. Loyal and good with a sword, he’d always hang out with us a lunch.
  2. Bartimaeus from The Bartimaeus Trilogy: The Witty one of the group, he’ll always keeping things interesting. I love his character. Maybe he doesn’t have your best interest in mind, but he cares in his own way and wouldn’t leave a friend to the dogs. He’d also probably compete in a prank-off with my next character.
  3. Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus: The trickster of the gang, Leo can always make me laugh. He’s trustworthy, extremely caring, and most of all dedicated. I’d help him rescue Calypso from some bullies and then she could sit with us too <3
  4. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and theOlympians: She is so smart and intelligent, she and I would be the brains of the table. We’d sit and chat about our honors/AP classes and help each other out when we got stuck. We’d be the brainiac dream team!
  5. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games: This eye-candy character is so much more. He might be a flirt, but he’s really a sweetie and my lunch table wouldn’t be the same without him. We’d eat sugar together while swapping gossip to hide how venerable we really are.
  6. June Iparis from Legend: June has got the brains and the brawn. She’s our little one-girl army to save the day from bullies, mean teachers, and homework. I’ve always thought we were similar (along with Annabeth) for using our minds to win and physical force only if we have to.
  7. Arya Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire: The tomboy of the group who would rather be swordfighting in the mud than chatting in a dress. It’s a miracle we can wrangle her in for lunch! I’d love to be more like her and learn how to fight, maybe she can teach me some moves.
  8. Spock from Star Trek: The great thinker, with almost computer-like accuracy would be a perfect addition to my lunch table. He’s a flawless mediator and his advice is impeccable.
  9. Legolas from Lord of the Rings: Elegance, Grace, Style, Legolas has it all. He’s great for advice with all of his wisdom throughout the years, but he also knows how to have a good time. Behind the serene face is a party animal waiting to break through.
  10. Carter Kane from The Kane Chronicles: Carter would be the last piece to my lunch table puzzle. He’s the archaeological nerd with the Pikachu pajamas and the coolest magical powers to back him up in a fight. His Egyptian heritage and fighting skills are also something I’d totally want to learn from him along with Arya’s. 

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