Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #2

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Top Ten Underrated Authors or Books in YA

Legend by Marie Lu: It’s a dystopian trilogy about the most wanted criminal born in the slums and the military’s elite-born prodigy trying to fix their country and hunt the other down. The Republic is at war, and on top of that a fatal plague has fallen on California. These two would have never crossed paths if it weren’t for the death of Prodigy’s older brother, Metias. Swearing revenge on his murderer, Prodigy goes undercover in the slums where the plot really takes some shocking turns. This was a really touching story that made me cry- something that rarely happens.

Department 19 by Will Hill: I never hear about this book in the US. It’s an intense Vampire Hunting novel about this 17 year old boy Jamie. Classic literature (Frankenstein and Dracula to be exact) are tied in perfectly throughout this series, as well as history. The style of the book (time-line/point of view wise) is a bit messy but all of the pieces come together effortlessly at the end of each book.

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini: This book has got a medieval feel to it with lots of magic. There are Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Werecats and more to be found between the pages! Eragon, an orphan boy looked after by his uncle and cousin on their farm finds a strange blue stone while out hunting. Turns out to be a Dragon who imprints on him and gives Eragon the ability to use magic (and means he’s the only dragon-rider in existence aside from the Kingdom’s dictator Galbratorix).

Defy by Sara B. Larson: Defy is about Alexa (Alex) how disguises herself as a boy and joins the army with her twin brother Marcel. This would be because girl orphans are forced into a life of rape in order to produce as many soldiers for the army as possible before their body gives out. Training in the army since children, Alex and Marcel are now part of the Prince’s guard and virtually unbeatable- until a magician kidnaps the prince and takes Alex with them!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor: Karou is an art student in Prauge, drawing monsters that may or may not be real. She also disappears on errands to collect teeth for Brimstone. She’s grown up with a word of wishes come true, but the catch is that this isn’t her first life. Where does the magic come from? Who even is she? Lastly, What of the fiery Akiva and the bloody star-crossed love of her past?

Assured Destruction by Michael F. Stewart: This is a great new book series that I’ve reviewed on here. Stewart crafts being a teen with technology flawlessly and it was quite an enjoyable read. Janus is an amateur hacker/programmer whose family business is failing. Her father disappeared, her mother is severely sick, and Janus is suffering from depression, but that’s not the plot. I loved how their ‘disabilities’ didn’t mean they couldn’t function has a whole human. The plot focuses on technology in today’s society- the good and the bad. 

The Bartimeaus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud: If you’re looking for a great read, Stroud is one of my favorites. It’s kind of popular, but I’d still say it’s underrated. Bartimaeus is so sassy, witty, and sarcastic how could you not love him? He’s one of the best characters that I’ve ever read and this series honestly deserves more credit than it’s got. These books are about magicians, who can summon spirits to do their bidding. Spirits from another world as old as time. One such spirit is Bartimaeus, who has served many human masters in his time. Currently serving under Nathaniel, a magician prodigy out for revenge, Bartimaeus will find any loophole to bring his master’s downfall upon him in this fantasy-comedy.

The Quicksilver Legacy Series by Laura DeBruce : So far only the first book has been released but I absolutely loved it! The Riddle of Prague revolves around Hana Silna who comes back to Prague to claim her ancestral home from the Soviet Union. The city holds deep and dark secrets woven through history- maybe even the key to eternal life. She needs to find a flask in order to save her kidnapped family, meeting plenty of suspicious characters along the way. I was debating who was trustworthy the whole way through!

Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing: Vanessa and her friend Catty have always had special powers, but they never realized that the other did as well. Vanessa can turn herself into a gas-like substance (invisible and an interesting form of transportation) while Catty can time travel. This was a great blend of Greek Mythology with a Modern day setting. The girls soon befriend a 3rd and 4th girl like them who help them realize that they are daughters of the moon goddess. They need to fight together to defeat the evil Atrox in a thrilling 13 book series.

Pendragon by D. J. MacHale: Bobby Pendragon is a basketball star, with a happy family, home, and adorable dog. Pretty normal except for the fact that he can travel through gates to other worlds in crisis. He’s the savior, the leader of travelers, and the one to save all of Halla. Fast paced, plot twisting, and adrenaline pumping; this series was a great read. The world building and character intricacies were beautiful so this was one of my favorites in 8th grade.

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