Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Book Related Experiences that Delight Me!

1 I absolutely love walking through a bookstore to look at brand new books! Whether it’s for books that came out recently or just books I haven’t picked up yet, looking at their shiny new covers brings me joy.

2 The excitement of finding a new bookshop tucked away somewhere and discovering what they’ve got inside! Are they a new or used book shop? A specialty shop? A rare book shop? A cheap book shop? I just gotta look and find out!

3 When the title of the Book/Series is mentioned inside the book. This excites me in movies and songs too. There’s just something about it.

4 When the book’s ink is in color. I absolutely loved this in Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy and picked up Splintered by A.G. Howard solely because it’s printed in purple (I haven’t read this yet).

5 Meeting my favorite authors. Whether it’s a book tour, a talk or a signing interacting with the minds behind my favorite plots and characters is just the best.

6 Recommending books to people and then them actually reading it and enjoying it. Knowing that I brightened their day and now have another person to fangirl with is such a great feeling.

7 Sitting down on a couch or bed snuggled up in a blanket and a dog with a good book in my hands. This is hands down the best way to read! Warm, soft fluffy comfort. Bonus if there’s Peach Iced Tea or Hot Apple Cider to drink!

8 Sorting through books for my local library’s book sale. Every summer us volunteers sort through hundreds of donated books in order to properly categorize them in displays to sell in September! They’re sold pretty cheaply so the event is also enjoyable for me to be the first one to buy the books that I sorted through. It’s lots of fun and helps raise money to support the library!
9 That old book smell. Who knew slowly rotting pages would smell so good? This is probably one of the main reasons I but used books. Plus, they’re less expensive and I’m cheap. Pretty much the main reason why I run a review blog- free books!

10 Author’s writing styles. I love looking at the different ways of writing because it helps with my own writing and allows me to find my own feelings articulated in a way I never would have thought of.

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