Thursday, July 20, 2017

BroodyBFF Challenge #6- Contemporary YA Discussion

Today’s blog post is going to be a discussion. The topic is thanks to the #BroodyBFF's Challenge #6- Let's Talk Contemporary!

Honestly I don’t read a lot of contemporary. One look at my review page and you can probably tell that the majority of the novels I read are Sci-fi/Fantasy. Why is it that I avoid the genre so much? I don’t think Contemporary YA really captures anything I have experienced in high school. If I’m going to have to stretch my imagination for the plot, I’d rather it just be in a fake/fantasy setting than in a ‘real’ setting. Contemporary is kind of disorienting in a sense.

I have never felt the urge to randomly interact with a strange guy on the side walk, or at the coffee shop I frequent. I don’t believe in office romances, or falling for your lab partner in chemistry class. Heck we didn’t even have take home group projects in science in high school! (English and History, sure, but not science and teachers always let us pick our own partners. AKA you would never be partnered with Broody.)

High school for me was hanging out with friends, stressing out about assignments and fitting in my violin practice, lessons, and rehearsals into my schedule on top of school clubs. I had a great group of friends, we played instruments, watched movies and anime, and hiked together. Not a lot of drama, which I guess means not much to write a book around unless the climax was the craziness experienced before opening day of a musical.

So yeah, I guess I would just like to see more every day, relatable things in Contemporary books. And not unbelievable, far-flung, romances in a modern setting.

What Contemporary Books could convert me to the genre?

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