Saturday, July 1, 2017

Month in Review: June 2017

I've decided to start doing monthly recaps; including life updates, upcoming, and book hauls (no more Stacking the Shelves).

Life Updates

This month has been me joining Instagram and becoming a rep for Literary Scents. Literary Scents is a super cute bookish candle and tea shop. You'll find me taking cute pictures of some of Miranda's products over on my instagram and the code FIRSTWRITE10 will get you 10% off your purchases! Guys- her tea literally sparkles. That's right, not only is the tea flavored and themed around your favorite books and characters, it also is full of food grade GLITTER. Perfect to accompany you on your next book read!

I've also been freaking out about grad school applications (whoop whoop), as well as figuring out my internship for next semester and trying to meet up with high school friends for the short time I will be at my parent's. This weekend marks the beginning of a road trip and my return back to campus so I'll be MIA blog-post wise the next two weeks or so as I will not be bring my laptop on the roadtrip. 

Currently Reading

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson
I got an arc of Defy a few years back and have been keeping tabs on this author since! Swan Lake retelling? YES PLEASE. Picked up this book from the library cause I'm broke- hopefully I finish it today or I'll have to wait a couple weeks to get back to it!

My Posts this Month

Coming Soon

  • More Broody-prompted discussions
  • Review of Goodbye Normal by Lily N. Anderson
  • Review of Oracus by Paul Gaskill (possibly an author interview for you guys too)


Book Haul

For Review


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