Monday, May 22, 2017

BroodyBFF Challenge #2: Discussion on Romance Tropes

Love at First Write Discussion: Romance Tropes

Today’s blog post is going to be a discussion. The topic is thanks to the #BroodyBFF's Challenge #2- Favorite Romance Trope!

Some of the big romance tropes (and my notable mentions) are The Best Friend’s Sibling, Falling in Love While in Disguise, Unrequited Love, Forbidden Love, Monogamizing the Playboy, Fake Dating, and the Love Triangle. 

Those are all fine and good, but my personal favorite romance trope:

This trope almost ALWAYS starts off with the angsty rival quips as they compete over who-knows-what. Maybe their two teams disappeared on missions and the two have to temporarily team up to survive. The banter slowly turns to flirting as one realizes they have feelings for the other. But does their enemy like them back? Can they trust each other? Will they go on super-secret dates behind both of their team’s backs? Will one of them betray their teammates to help their significant other? There are various possibilities for this trope and it’s got the taint of dark, steamy, and passionate relationships. I just love it so much! 

My favorite example of this trope is probably done in Legend by Marie Lu. Day is a rebel and June Iparis works for the government and has the task of capturing Day. One of my favorite book relationships of ALL-TIME. The final book in the trilogy (Champion) is one of the only books to ever make me cry (I’m not a crier). It was just *clenches fist* SO. GOOD. I hope @broodingYAhero talks about my trope in Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me!

If you have any book recommendations with my favorite Enemies-to-Lovers trope in it, please drop a line and let me know!

What are your favorite romance tropes??

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Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me 

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