Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer 2018 TBR Wipeout Intro!

TBR Wipeout Hosted by The Candid Cover

Hi everyone! This year I'm joining the 2018 Summer TBR Wipeout hosted by The Candid Cover.

I'm hoping to crack down on my giant TBR list (which is slowly shrinking a bit due to Down the TBR Hole) as well as to bring some structure to my summer and meet more book bloggers! I'm glad I'm in a great book community to try and accomplish all of these goals.

Without further ado, my readings goals for this summer:

I'm not sure if I'll get through all of them, because a lot of them are new and my library hasn't gotten them yet, so I've added some older books that I already own as well! I'm partiuclarly looking forward to Nobody's Princess as is it one of my original TBR books from *gasps* 2012. I'm also excited for Merrett's Chase and 806 which are both review requests! I have created a Goodreads shelf for this challenge- check it out if your interested in learning more about any of these books!

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